Classic Cars

I have an interest in Classic Cars and have just purchased a Triumph Stag (pictured above).

I has been re-sprayed in dark metallic green and was built in 1971 and registered in late 1971. It has a manual gearbox with overdrive in 3rd and 4th rather than what I believe is the more common automatic transmission

It is a MkI Stag which differs from the more common MkII by the lack of body stripe, different courtesy light positions. 'A' type overdrive and rear number plate light mounted on the bumper rather than the boot lid. (although this is missing on mine!)

As is usually the case I have had to fix a few things that were faulty with it, such as the wiring for the interior lights, reversing and brake lights, new bulb in one headlight etc.

There still a fair bit to do, as the interior shows some signs of it's age! I'll need to replace some of the wood and vinyl at some point. but most of the mechanicals are in reasonably good condition.