Although I am a software engineer by trade, I still find time to enjoy various computing activities.

I've decided to put a few of the little 'applications' I've written over the years here as free downloads. They should be considered beta versions although they should be well behaved and the files have been virus checked with Norton AntiVirus 2005 (updated 16 Apr 2005). Click to download.

Theremin Simulator

These are .zip files as the program requires a background image to do it's stuff on and a settings file. Just unzip all files to the desired directory.

These programs are based on 'widgets' available for Object Desktop, basically I liked them and 'borrowed' the idea so I could write my own versions that don't require Object Desktop, purely as a learning exercise you understand. It's worth checking out Object desktop as It does quite a lot!


Moon Phase Desktop Toy


The following are examples of the displays of the clock toy, consult the readme.txt in the zip file for information how to change the configuration.



Clock Desktop Toy


If you're running Windows 2000 or earlier you'll need this



Here are a few examples of Ray-Traced pictures I generated using the Imagine package on PC. I apologise for the obligatory space theme for the first picture but you sometimes have to follow convention. I modelled the Excelsior spaceship from Star Trek myself using the Imagine modelling functions. The interesting thing to note is that the images used as maps on the surface of the model really make the difference, the model itself is really quite simple. I think there's a bug in the version of Imagine I used as the sensor dish which I set up as a light source seems to illuminate the underside of the engine despite it's being within the main hull!

The next picture was an experiment in creating a light source based on a floating candle, not totally convincing but not bad.

The picture in the gold coloured frame is of the band I'm in (see my music pages for more info). Actually the picture was a black and white scan which I colourised myself (have a look at the full size pic).