Me with the Jem!

Here is me with my Ibanez JEM guitar, "Ivy" I've wanted one for ages as you can tell from the other guitars in my meagre collection!

Here's a pic of my JEM77BFP guitar "Blue Flo".  
Here's a pic of my JEM777SKMC guitar "Pinky".  
This is my Charvel EVH Art Series Guitar "Eddie".  
Burns May Guitar

Here's a pic of my Burns May guitar "Brian".

Epiphone Sheraton

This is my Epiphone Sheraton "Daisy" (I may have it re-sprayed white so it's like Alex Lifeson's ES355).

Epiphone double Neck

Here's my current double neck guitar "Dutch". It's the Epiphone copy of Jimmy Page's Gibson 1275.

Ibanez RG470 FMR

This guitar is an Ibanez RG FMR guitar "Valentine" fitted with Roland GK-2A.



Ibanez RG7620 with GMC Swirl body and Green Dots


I also have a Yamaha RGX (very similar to the Ibanez) guitar. It has a clear plastic sheet which covers the whole of the top surface of the body under which you can put various designs (I think Yamaha called it the "Free Art Guitar"), I've chosen a floral pattern similar to that available on an Ibanez Jem. I've also made a few modifications to the circuitry.

Yamaha RGX 321

Basically I wanted to get all the 3 single coil tones and all the double humbucker tones and then some, without drilling holes in the guitar.

I purchased two push-push pots from Chandler Guitars and set about devising a circuit . I've had several attempts so far an the one I've settled on gives the following options:

With the volume pot out, I get the conventional single coil selections: neck on its own, neck and middle, middle on its own, middle and bridge and bridge on its own. The tone pot switch reverses the phase of the neck humbucker, this means in position 5 you can select which of the neck coils is used in single coil mode and in position 4 you can get the middle and nearest neck coil out of phase.

With the volume pot in, I get the basic dual humbucker tones: neck, neck and bridge and bridge on its own.

In this mode the tone pot acts as a conventional phase switch for the neck and bridge selection. Positions 1,2 and 3 in this mode all give you the same bridge humbucker only setting but this is quite useful as you can select position 2 and go into classic bridge and middle single coil mode just by the push of the volume pot!

Double Neck Guitar

I have also made myself a double neck guitar (as an off the shelf one is so expensive and doesn't have all the desirable features). It has a transducer under the 12 string bridge as well as a ordinary pickup (although the sound hole is purely cosmetic).

I bought the 12 string neck from Brandoni's, together with the transducer and bridge. The 6 string was a Yamaha RGX guitar from which I used everything except the body.